Bob251 (bob251) wrote in mage_knight,


This seems to be a dead community. [pokes community with a stick] Yep, seems dead

Anyways, I just joined a few minutes ago. I've been playing MK and MKD for close to two years now.

I'm playing in a Mage Knight Dungeon tournament today, and if anyone has any comments on this Hero Army, feel free to post them:

Lvl 1 Alsyn Vale - 25
Lvl 1 Lord Oren - 26
Lvl 1 Mage Kind Alment-Lan - 23
Lvl 1 Zenephret - 22

Total: 96

Any improvements, feel free to share. It won third place at the last tournament (would've been second if I had a little bit more gold.)
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