Raj KAJ (scottobear) wrote in mage_knight,

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My winning 200 point army from last night... it worked well for me.

I don't own a huge collection like some of you other folks or anything, but I have a couple of fun orcs...

Tribal Brute- Standard - (Up close muscle/)
Digger- weak - pest (shockwave)
Goblin Grenadier - pest (as above)

Shaman- Weak (damage+ and ranged healing, .. plus the healing stays if pushed for one)
Shaman- Standard (same)
Chaos Mage - (nice range, Magic blast, and push for other goodies if need be)
Launcher- Standard (pierce)

Clutch Piper- Standard (forced march of 10, to keep the guys moving, and tough enough to bring up the rear as a bodyguard.

The pests I'm working on replacing with something... maybe a screeching terror or a banshee. Something cheap that can be a shockwave nuisance.

They managed to hassle a storm golem centered crew pretty well.
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