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Ok, you got me.

Originally I was JUST a Heroclix man. This was the sort of thing I would do with sculpting clay and my spare time when I was a kid, pit super hero against super hero.

However, I saw a large scale Mageknight battle today, which made me rethink my position on it.

I went to a particular bookstore, there was an open booster missing a figure. I got them for .75 each. I saw my first Solonavi (a Channeler). I had previously bought an Unlimited starter and booster and wasn't impressed. I think I am now doomed somewhat. The Solonavi are little pieces of art. :)

I also like the Necro folk, but that's the way it is in every game.

I have yet to play a game of MK but can't wait to do so.

Now to get my MK collection up without spending much money. I'm still more dedicated to Heroclix (especially with the new DC set coming out), but this looks like a great game that I won't feel as compelled to buy craploads of because of character recognition. :)
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